2.6 milli

r small cars due to its line up of medium-to-high-end models. In a statement to the Shenzhen Stock E

on units t

xchange, the automaker said its net profit in the first half of the year rose 5.83 percen▓t to 535.28 m

his year.

illion yuan, up from 505.77 million yuan a ye▓ar earlier. Revenue rose 11.51 percent year-on-year to 11

Because of the f

.63 billion yuan, from 10.43 billion y▓uan, while operating profit and total profit fell 10.79 and 10.9

its. About t

75,315 vehi▓cles, including Besturn, Hongqi, Mazda 6 and Wagon vehicles, up 27.6 percent over last


for last year. 

and profit margin of Besturn, the company's major product, are relatively lower, FAW Car's gross prof

According tAPRIL 12

▓it ratio reduced 2 percentage points from a year earlier," said Industrial Securities in a report yesterday. The brokerage predicted that total sales of FAW Car this year would be around 1

o CAAM, ChinAPRIL 12

50,000 units, while revenue and net profit are expected to reach 23 billion yuan and 1.2▓4 billion yuan. Shares of FAW Car and its sister company T▓ianjin FAW Xiali Automobile Co were suspen

a's auto produ

ded yesterday from trading in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange pending company statements regarding a r▓

million units respectively in November. Overall auto sales topped 12.23 million units in the first 11 months,
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